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by EeL

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[Love the world remixes] is a remix album of artists from around the world.



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The Hair Kid


released January 30, 2012



Track Name: For Common People - The Hair Kid
THK lyrics:

the common people that can't see what they tryina do
get in the way of what you need yo
but the uncommon people have a tendency to overdo
at least they gettin' what I mean though
the way you feelin' incomplete, when you facin' defeat
but they underestimated that your vision 20/20
see the man across the street, with the weight on his feet
affects a knowledge of beats but he hasn't any

funky like a duplicated line in the third edition of
what I'm on a mission to find
my inquisition's goin over the head, over the minds of all the subjects
fillin' out the entries of my intellect's Pokedex
the decks I'm shufflin' and jugglin' be swingin' like an MPC
ladies be comin' up to me tryina be
snugglin' and cuddlin' and singin' to my rappin'
the common people tryin' but they can't control what happen

common people bring that,
and all my dynasties of ancient people Ming that,
the Book of Changes for the I people Ching that,
so life supply of ramen noodle people string that,
you slurp it up but pace yourself or else you get fat,
ay all my P90X people bring that
piracy on the internets people ping that
later my baby girly EeL she gonna sing that, but first I gotta get it

I gotta let it be known across the seven sea
my oscillator be low, I'm talkin' frequency
y'all eatin' corn on the cob, I rock an LFO
excessively turn the knobs, I never wobble though
the wobbles give me the shakes, the shake give me the shiver
but I still keep it dirty, just like the Hudson river
and when I'm gettin' flirty, I'm gettin' funny looks
"ay girl you lookin purty" now she throwin' right hooks
in my direction like I ran her intersection
but I'm still havin' a good day, like I'm livin' on the planet
shown in Star Trek: Insurrection, 'cause I'm still young
the song remains the same, then you sing what the rain sung
the Robert Plant hair, the three bears call me "copperlocks"
y'all hair nasty, like the filter in a Polivoks
gettin' my rocks off naturally
takin' our socks off to The End of my Spiritually

I'm an animal, like Animal bangin' on the drums
but I'm becomin' somethin' greater than the sum of what I'm submittin' to y'all
it's feelin' kinda small when you at the top of it all
the little people be pullin' all they strands up out the air
pullin' out my hair and give it to my fans
'cause they givin' me they internet and givin me they glands in a
figurative sense, and I'm holdin' 'em in suspense
but I'm feelin' fresh, EeL she got me tryin to impress her on the internet
better yet I'm gettin' it for serious
IIDX 17, the home edition mysterious
let me get the clarification on the table so that I'm
able to enable em to feel the infiltration of the
espionage in the rhythms, call me agent double-oh-hair
let's double the dare, I do it daily like my name was Alex Trebek
but with Sean Connery's respect
the common people never gonna know what to exemplify